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How to play the single handed backhand?

By Gokul Pillai 

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How to play the single handed backhand?

3) Meeting the ball – The Player will have to make sure that the ball meets the racquet at the centre of the racquet and will have to strike it with a straight right arm for the completion of the swing in a free flow. The hip must be in full rotation with feet firm of the ground as the player is putting full thrust on the ball at this point of time. He will then have to take a long follow-through and adjust the amount of pace on the stroke with his follow-through. A short follow through ensures lower pace and wider angle on the stroke. As the follow-through is decided, the player should then start making the weight transition.

4) Weight Transition – After the ball is met, the player should start taking the weight of the right foot and start putting it on his left to create a perfect start of balance. Now after the whole weight is transferred to the left foot the left hand is straight as the right hand starts getting back from the full swing towards the normal position. As the hands come to the centre in front of the hip the feet return to a ready stance just before the player prepares to move for the next stroke.

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