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How to make the tennis forehand adaptable?

By Gokul Pillai 

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-The forehand can be mended in many ways as the game gets higher and reaches more demanding levels. The forehands can be placed on the right part of the court, duly with timely swings and adaptable footwork. The forehand can be played at open stands also.

-Open stands forehand: An open stand forehand is the most adaptable stroke of the game. Both feet are kept parallel with the toes facing towards the right. Hip rotation is the most important aspect in this stroke and that would affect the pace and direction of the stroke. The rotation of the hip should be put into action in such a way that the left shoulder for a right handed player should point towards the point where ball is intended to be placed. With a flexible stature, the ball should meet forty five degrees in front the body at waist height for perfect output.  A longer swing can be employed to add pace to the stroke and a shorter swing can be used whenever the quick balls have to be returned and put back consistently.

-Once the open stand forehand is mastered any ball on the forehand side of the court can be handled with ultimate precision.


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