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How to hit a volley?

By Gokul Pillai 

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 How to hit a volley?

Volley is an aspect which completes a player’s game. It is the suffix for tennis which really cannot be avoided and add that punching factor to precision game play. Volleys are all about striking a perfect balance between timing and picture perfect footwork.

The forehand volley – Firstly the player must make room for the ball and take stance where in the right foot has to be slightly away from the left foot to form a diagonal. The right hand must have the shake-hand grip with the wrist opened with the left hand drop down to strike the balance.

The racquet must the brought forward which will make sure the turn of shoulders, and do not let your hitting hand get too far away from your off hand making a sturdy contraction of the chest. This will make the volleys compact and crisp. This is done to improvise on timing, a more consistent contact point and more accuracy with far fewer errors. 

Backswing must be clearly avoided when it comes to executing a forehand volley. A shorter backswing will ensure utmost control and a longer one always makes the placement of the volley all the more difficult. 

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