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How to hit a Kick tennis serve?

By Gokul Pillai 

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The Kick Serve: The kick serve can be performed with great agility and little variance in the action of the serve. Both the knees should be bent more with the focus to create spring effect before hitting the ball. With a little bit more arc on the serve spin and kick can be created on the serve.

Power: The kick puts in more thrust on the serve. The ball tends to rotate as soon as it leaves the racquet and travels like a tight and calculated loop. The ball takes more time to travel across to the returner but the power tends to double after the bounce.

Bounce: The ball takes an aggressive path after it bounces. The kick employed during the action of the serve takes a great effect after the ball pitches on court. The ball seems to surge to a greater height than expected with high pace making it very difficult for the returner. This serve is generally aimed at the backhand side for optimum results.


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