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How to hit a Flat tennis serve?

By Gokul Pillai 

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The Flat serve: The flat serve is the normal serve served with only two objectives kept in mind i.e. the placement and the power. A quicker rotation of the racquet and a faster swing can add maximum thrust and pace to the flat serve.

Power: This kind of serve packs maximum amount of power. The ball tends to attain maximum pace as it leaves the racquet. The ball takes the least amount of time to cross over to the returner.

Bounce: The bounce is normal as the ball stays its course with an optimum bounce. But the time within which it travels is very less as the returner has just a fraction of a second to return the ball. It is generally aimed at the middle line of the service box in order to place as far away as possible from the returner with an aim to serve a perfect ace.



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