Hingis confused as Stepanek plans out Marriage

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Hingis confused as Stepanek plans out Marriage

by Hellboy » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:23 am

Hingis is fighting back drug abuse as she planning to return form her ban in the hope to make it big once more at the WTA circuit. She s been discussing her decisions with many of her friends and has been seen training hard to find her A-game. Stepanek has been preparing in a different way to take his life to a different level. He is been planing to marry Vadisova, the WTA player known for her aggressive forehands. Stepanek was previously involved with Hingis in a brief relationship and has thereafter been with Vadisova for quite some time now before coming up with the decision of takin the vows!!!!! :D 8) :!: :wink:
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Re:Hingis confused as Stepanek plans out Marriage

by devils_scourge » Fri Aug 06, 2010 10:40 am

hingis was my favorite until Hardenne came in...i still like her a lot and would definitely wish for a successful comeback..but on analyzing the situation rationally, it is only logical to conclude that it would be very difficult for Hingis to make a successful comeback..Hingis's reason for retiring in the first place was her inability to counter the power packed play of the muscular Williams sisters..both of them are still on the circuit and Hingis has been off the court for a long time ...her personal turmoils have not helped her either.well at least we have seen two successful comebacks in the form of Klijsters and Hardenne andHingis could repeat the feat too but it would not be easy..
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