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Forum Rules

by Phoenix » Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:01 pm

Any form of profanity including foul language will not be allowed and will result in immediate ban by the moderator.

The forum discussions will not entertain any gender, racial, ethnic and personal insult or discrimination directed towards anyone.

No use of offensive language will be allowed and the defaulters will be permanently banned from the forum.

No form of spamming will be allowed on TennisEarth forum. The forum is primarily created for the users to have a platform to opine themselves and should not be seen as a place for the promotion of any other websites.

Any pornography related post or threads will not be entertained. Also, any linkage to other websites for promotion or other commercial purposes will result in permanent ban of the profile.

All posts are the liability of the submitter. Any use of images/text that have other websites as a primary source, will not be the responsibility of TennisEarth.

Post or thread submissions should ideally be initialised in the appropriate sub-forum. Any post not in line with the sub-form category will be moved to the appropriate section.

Impersonation of any user in any mode of communication is prohibited and will result in immediate ban.
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